The WDDTY Hole in the Facebook Wall Quiz

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the critical faculties of groups of people on Facebook

I had intended at this point to follow up my piece on What Doctors Don’t Tell You’s claims that Vitamin C cures AIDS (spoiler alert: Vitamin C doesn’t cure AIDS) by doing a similar examination of their claims that homeopathy can “reverse cancer” (spoiler: homeopathy doesn’t reverse cancer). However, since I last posted @DrMatthewL has written an awesome deconstruction of these claims. There is absolutely nothing I can add to his work, and it must surely stand as the definitive work on the subject, at least until the eagerly-awaited November issue of WDDTY appears. Seriously, if you haven’t read it yet, I heartily recommend you do so now. Go on, I’ll still be here when you get back. Just promise you will come back when you’re done. (Spoiler alert: the bit where he conta- no. I won’t spoil it for you. It’s epic.)

Okay, shall we go on?

As a brief break from the other WDDTY stuff I’m working on, I thought I’d take a quick diversion to look at the WDDTY and Lynne McTaggart Facebook pages. Several commenters have noted that their comments and questions seem to get deleted on a regular basis. Some of these commenters have taken screenshots of their doomed posts, and have kindly forwarded these on to me. To these people, thank you, and based on their contributions we present the Hole in the Facebook Wall Quiz.

Round 1

In this round, you will be shown a number of screenshots of posts made to either the WDDTY or Lynne McTaggart’s Facebook pages. Your job is to identify which have been deleted by the page owner, and which have been left in place. I leave it to Lynne to tell you herself the deletion rules in force:


Here we go.


























1. Deleted. 2. Deleted. 3. Not deleted. 4. Deleted. 5. Deleted. 6. Deleted. 7. Deleted. 8. Deleted. 9. Deleted. 10. Not deleted. 11. Deleted. 12. Deleted.

Round 2

While it might be thought unfair to place too much weight on the old adage that you know a person by the company they keep, it is nevertheless illuminating to see the nature of comments supportive to WDDTY/Lynne McTaggart on their Facebook pages, particularly when one notes that even the oddest comments seem not to provoke so much as a disagreement from McTaggart, let alone a deletion.

For Round 2, I post some comments that may or may not have been posted to the WDDTY/McTaggart pages or to Lynne’s own blog. Your task here is to identify which comments are real, and which I have just made up.

1. I suggest that Simon Singh be given the same challenge as Piers Morgan…… 1,000 vaccines ….if he still thinks that they’re safe after that we’ll all have them. If the poor man suffers we should refuse him any therapy which he has rubbished.

2. Arguing over exactly how many deaths or adverse reactions is ignoring the fact that there are unnecessary deaths due to vaccination.

3. This will be a campaign funded by big pharma and other switch an agenda to keep us all in ignorance to keep ingesting fluoride to keep accepting vaccines and to keep paying big pharma for all the unnecessary medicines – in other words you are a threat to them and they are trying to take you down!

4. We all talk about ‘hiv’ as though we have a testing kit able to detect ‘hiv’ but it’s been 30 years now since aids began and we still don’t have a test able to detect ‘hiv infection’. So no one in the world is ‘hiv positive’ until we have a test that can detect ‘hiv’. When we talk about ‘hiv’ we are talking about a laboratory translation of a non-specific antibody test, this is where ‘hiv’ comes from, just as we conjure up a rabbit from a magician’s hat. So let’s come down to earth and start at the beginning based on fact as opposed to assuming we have an ‘hiv test’ when we don’t. Watch House of Numbers on youtube, this covers the issue on ‘hiv testing’.

5. It sounds to me that the communications with Tom Whipple were deliberately blocked (surveillance has been unequivocably proven with NSA and Ed Snowden) so that Lynne wouldn’t know about the calls and therefore would not reply.

6. Polio has been renamed so it looks like it has been wiped out. Smallpox is still around in the 3rd world countries.

7. With all due respect Antonia, many alternative health care modalities, including homeopathy for instance, have a longer unblemished proven evidence based success rate curing, not suppressing diseases. The same cannot be said for conventional medicine.

8. Andrew Wakefield may I suggest? Someone who stood up and said I am not happy with the establishment.

9. The pro vaccine boys and girls rely a lot on strong statements and ridicule, rather like a low rent debate team, instead of referencing things. This is why we get tosh like ‘Bad Science’ being touted as good. Why reference or examine when you can ridicule? Without their funding and backers, these guys would be laughable

10. I agree totally, there needs to be ways how to free the medicine and treatment. Independent and open bodies needs to be created to accomplish this. Hope to see some kind of development regarding this also here in Finland! There has been suggestions here that all alternative treatment should be denied in situations like the patient is child, has cancer, is diabetic or mental patient!

11. Qi is energy. Does energy not exist? Have physicists not proven energy tenfold? Does energy not exist?

12. In the spirit of agreement to Lynne McTaggart & the contents of this blog post, you may access my explanation of the body parts & how they work, which should greatly simplify confusion caused by Big Pharma’s constant invention of new & longer words to obfuscate code to recipes…  I should warn you all, I have taken it down to 11 organs, with their corresponding two opposing elements inside…Even salt NaCl is tucked in as an element under the Hg mercury listing…  The idea is to help people to make their own decisions…Self-efficacy…

13. now how does u change ‘the mass consciousness’ in flick of a conscious switch/quantum leaping in completely know who they are. (Compression). Conscious self -realization.. there by one’s individual consciousness can make better decisions.. in this case the ability to choose healthy alternative modalities. If we claim ‘human consciousness is so powerful’. They why not get together and bang it out … a solution in a place where it matters. SELF – REALISATION. I am tired of waiting the changes to happen… in the ‘time realm’. Why not get we change it in energy field? Have any ideas? I am up for it.

14. As an illuminated Master of Rosicrucia, I can say that mainstream medicine is not always right, nor do they test their proclaimed medicines, and many have died from such. Rosicrucians have been healing people since 1614 at least, using what they call alternative medicine today. Although we do not advertise our science, I myself have led many healings of such things as cancer…and we have had tons of success

15. The downside of double-blind randomized trials in their attempt to remove bias and get to neutrality is they omit consciousness, direct knowing and old-fashioned genuine insight, which a rational and responsible person would never want to do.


All of them. Every one of the above is a genuine comment posted to the WDDTY/Lynne McTaggart’s Facebook pages, or to Lynne McTaggart’s blog.

How did you score?

0-9: Terrible. You’re unable to sort fact from fiction, making you prey for any slick promoter of magazines containing made-up advice. Still, I’ve got this bridge for sale here, if you’re interested?

10-20: Null hypothesis. You’ve got some right, but statistically you’re no better than placebo.

21-27: Excellent. You’re really good at sorting the wheat from the chaff.

1400: There were only 27 questions. If you’ve scored 1400, you are Lynne McTaggart, and I claim my five pounds.

I leave you with this final comment, posted to Lynne McTaggart’s blog by one Ben Goldacre:


Well, quite.


Next: The Agony of False Hope

6 Responses to “The WDDTY Hole in the Facebook Wall Quiz”

  1. chapmancentral October 29, 2013 at 2:17 pm #

    Oddly enough, when I suggested the exact same thing as Dr. Goldacre did, the Blessed Lying Tat Maggot deleted my comment. Just fancy that.


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