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What Doctors Don’t Tell You?

We got both kinds 400 px

(Artwork by @lexistwit)

Feb 2013 cover

In some ways there’s not a great deal of point me writing on this subject. There have been some excellent blogs on various aspects of the saga of What Doctors Don’t Tell You – a magazine that calls itself a journal, looks like a lifestyle mag, but which has contents that are, shall we say, controversial. In fact, you should probably skip this site and go look at some of the excellent pages linked below, they’re much better at covering this than me.

But. I’ve made a habit arriving at the party late, when all the vol-au-vents have already been eaten and there’s only babycham left to drink, so think of this as the blog equivalent of that. Me arriving and hoovering up the crumbs others have overlooked. There are also some aspects of this subject that I think bear deeper examination.

This will be the master page, from which I’ll link subsequent posts.

My posts

What Does What Doctors Don’t Tell You think it is?

What do readers of What Doctors Don’t Tell You Think it is?

What Advice You Got?

Because Fighty Libel Lawyers Make The Best Scientists

What Tesco Tell You, And Tell You… And Tell You Again

Stock. Or Stock Not.

Lynne McTaggart and the Vitamin C Soft Shoe Shuffle

The Hole in the Facebook Wall Quiz

The Agony of False Hope

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors…

Dear Reader…

The John Diamond Challenge

The Second John Diamond Challenge

Wheelbarrow of Stupid

Further reading

And here’s links to some much more insightful stuff from others:

Josephine Jones


What Doctors Don’t Tell You… Don’t Tell You


Western Sloth

WDDTY and cancer claims – they are not evidence based




Anarchic Teapot


The Nightingale Collaboration





(Many thanks to @lexistwit for turning ideas into art a million times better than I could have)


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