The Saatchi Bill

This is the home page for posts about the Medical Innovation Bill – the so-called Saatchi Bill. Scroll to the bottom for articles about the latest resurrected bills, both the Saatchi Bill itself and the new Heaton-Harris Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill. Since the bills are substantially the same, criticism applies to both.


Pages on the Saatchi Bill

An introduction (20th April 2014):

The Saatchi Bill – Stifling Innovation and Harming Patients

Dishonesty in the Saatchi Campaign (10th May 2014):

So Untrue It’s Not True

A list of comments on the bill by organisations and individuals (10th May 2014):

An Inexhaustively Incomplete (But Completely Exhausting) List of Saatchi Bill Comments

A discussion of the bill and its shortcomings (Guardian Science blogs guest post) (22nd May 2014):

The Saatchi medical innovation bill will put patients at the mercy of quacks

A comment on the promotion of the latest draft (3rd June 2014):

La-la-la-la (not listening)

A view on lack of patient protection in the latest draft (5th June 2014):

No protection against quackery

A view on research shortcomings in the latest draft (10th June 2014):

Gambling With Lives

Comments on the consultation process (13th June 2014):

Selling the Sizzle

The continuing PR (12th September 2014)

Never Say You’re Wrong

An Open Letter to Lord Blencathra (22nd October 2014)

Dear Lord

Another guest post in the Guardian about the misleading campaign for the bill and Lord Saatchi’s response to criticism:

Attacking critics is no way to fix the Saatchi Bill (19th November 2014)

Saatchi Campaign rhetoric takes a nose dive (3rd December 2014)

Without a Parachute

The round table discussion (9th December 2014)

Lords of the Round Table

On consultation and agreement (10th December 2014)

Why the Saatchi Bill Cannot Work

On negligence (12th December 2014)

There’s Negligence and There’s Negligence

On  how PR muddies the waters (15th January 2015)

Muddy Waters

On the official DoH consultation, and how the Saatchi campaign undermined it (23rd January 2015)

Bad Consultation, Bad Bill

More problems with the consultation (3rd February 2015)

Under The Bus

A flow chart showing how the bill would work in practice (5th February 2015)

How the Saatchi Bill Would Actually Work

An explanation of the flow chart (5th February 2015)

Treatment Under the Saatchi Bill

A new infographic on treatment under the bill (guest by @lexistwit) (13th February 2015)


An general summary of the bill I wrote for Open Democracy (16th February 2015)

Lord Saatchi and the Medical Anecdote PR Machine

A piece by José Miola and me on the inconsistency at the heart of the bill (24th February 2015)

The Saatchi Bill is Internally Inconsistent

Another piece by me in Open Democracy talking about the consultation (now reinstated after input from the people in expensive suits)(27th February 2015)

The PR Campaign behind the Saatchi Bill needs exposing

On the failure of amendments in the House of Lords to fix the bill (4th March 2015)

Rearranging the Deckchairs

On the (temporary) end of the Bill in the 2014-5 Parliament (6th March 2015)

It’s All Over Now

—-The Resurrected  Bill—–

On the Bill’s resurrection after the General Election (6th June 2015) (co-published with Open Democracy)

Saatchi’s Bill could harm thousands

On the Bill’s Splitting in two, and Royal College opposition (29th June 2015)

Two For The Price Of One

On the new Bill just before Second Reading (13th October 2015)

A Deadly Hydra

On the Department of Health’s involvement (15th October 2015)

A Dangerous Game

On the proposal to drop the most dangerous parts of the Bill (26th January 2016)

End of the Road?






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  2. Stop What You’re Doing: This is Important. - Bioethics Research Library - October 14, 2015

    […] more articulate summaries of what’s wrong with the Bill can be found here and here, with academic commentary here (mirrored here on SSRN for those without insitutional access).  […]

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