Feel free to use this webform to contact me. Please be aware, though, that all communications may, at my discretion, be published on this site or elsewhere. Do not assume confidentiality unless by prior agreement from me.

Commenting policy

I try to allow free exchange of ideas. I will generally aim not to remove comments simply because they disagree with me. That said, this site is not a democracy and your right to free speech does not mean I am obliged to give you a platform here. All decisions I make regarding comment publication are final, and correspondence will be fed to the cat. I particularly reserve the right not to host arguments between commenters or stuff that is defamatory or I think may otherwise be dodgy. I may be quixotic and unpredictable, but I will try to be even-handedly quixotic and unpredictable. Except for spammers. You fuckers can fuck off.

If your comment rivals in length the post you’re commenting on, I will usually suggest you post it on your own blog and link to it here.

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