A Paean to Unrequited Homeoquack Admiration

23 Feb

[Sub Ed: make up some sort of pun on that film Cassandra Crossing. You know, Sandra’s Cross… ing. Or something. Look, I don’t know. Just think of something.]

23rd February 2014

What’s that saying about judging somebody by their enemies? That the better the class of enemies a person has, the better that person must be? Well, I had a bit of a wake-up call recently, because judging by the enemy I have made since last we spoke, I must be a bit rubbish. Because I have just made an enemy of Sandra A. Hermann-Courtney, Certified Medical Transcriptionist®.


For those of you who don’t know, Sandra A. Hermann-Courtney, Certified Medical Transcriptionist® is a Certified Medical Transcriptionist® who has apparently turned her back on the solemn creed of Medical Transcriptionism-ism® to champion the cause of homeopathy. This she does by comment spamming any discussion of homeopathy anywhere it may be found on the internet, and by attacking skeptics on social media such as Twitter (using the Twitter name @BrownBagPantry).

As an aside, I am not quite sure why Sandra A. Hermann-Courtney, Certified Medical Transcriptionist® feels the need always to point out that she is a Certified Medical Transcriptionist® wherever she goes, but point it out she does. I worked in a GP surgery for a couple of years, and during that time one of my tasks was to carry out medical transcription. This is, you might guess, to take dictated recordings and turn them into text. Simple as that. Though there are skills involved (typing, the ability to operate the little pedal on the transcription machine and so on) It requires  no medical knowledge or qualification at all, and there is no need for you to understand anything you’re typing. Which is probably why Sandra A. Hermann-Courtney, Certified Medical Transcriptionist® was so good at it that she got a certificate. I didn’t get a certificate (sniff).

So anyway, back to the story. Sandra A. Hermann-Courtney, Certified Medical Transcriptionist® has become so incensed by people asking awkward questions about homeopathy that she has posted on Twitter a List of Homeopathy Skeptics.


A list of her enemies, if you like, to warn all her fellow homeo-quacks and apologists about those pesky critters who keep asking for evidence that the magic water and sugar pills actually work. It must have taken her hours. I suspect she was surprised to find that, rather than being retweeted by her followers, it got widely retweeted by skeptics who were delighted to find themselves on her shit list. My own self included.

There they are, a list of the great and good (and Louise Mensch) of scepticism. I totally don’t deserve this recognition, to be listed alongside all these wonderful people (and Louise Mensch), and there have also been calls for Sandra A. Hermann-Courtney, Certified Medical Transcriptionist® to update the list to include some glaring omissions.

I was going to mention a few stand out names here. I keep starting to, but I quickly realise that I am going to have to list everybody, because I’d be proud to be mentioned in the same breath as any of these brilliant people (and Louise Mensch). (Sorry, I’m going to try to stop doing the “blah-de-blah fulsome praise (and Louise Mensch)” joke now.  I do have to applaud her recent stance on homeopathy, even if I dislike pretty much everything else she’s done.)

But beyond the humour, the appearance of this list, in this manner, raises some important questions which need answering.

  1.  Do we get a badge?
  2. Is there a secret signal or handshake?
  3. At reunions, will we meet decades-hence as the “Old Contemptibles”?
  4. Will our grandchildren ask
    “Were you one of the Old Contemptibles, grandad?”
    “No, child, but I knew some.”

Here’s what got me on that list, if you care.


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