The Wandering Teacake

12 Oct

So here it is. The new blog. There’ll be ramblings on various topics here, but I’d like to start off with some pages on What Doctors Don’t Tell You, a magazine available in news outlets across the UK.

Pages in this blog:

What Does What Doctors Don’t Tell You think it is?

What do readers of What Doctors Don’t Tell You Think it is?

What Advice You Got?

Because Fighty Libel Lawyers Make The Best Scientists

What Tesco Tell You, And Tell You… And Tell You Again

Stock. Or Stock Not.

Lynne McTaggart and the Vitamin C Soft Shoe Shuffle

The Hole in the Facebook Wall Quiz

The Agony of False Hope

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors…

Dear Reader…

The John Diamond Challenge


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  1. Guest Post! | The Wandering Teacake - January 17, 2014

    […] This is a guest post by my eight year old daughter, Cheeky Teacake. This is one of those proud dad situations, and I’ve put this up here to encourage her to write her own posts. If this ain’t your thang, the rest of the blog is over there. […]

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